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Exhaustive corporate catering, event, and cafeteria solutions for businesses of all kinds of budgets and sizes in South Florida.
Finest Hospitality & Catering Solutions for Florida. Our Products Have The Versatility To Cater To The Needs Of Any Event Or Company
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AJMB Hospitality, renowned for its top-rated chefs and innovative culinary experiences to almost everything from joyful festivals to comfortable dinner parties, now brings its inspiration and professionalism in providing catering services near you. The AJMB's experienced team is now available for celebrations, social gatherings, corporate events, and various kinds of occasions, wherever you might be hosting your event. No matter if you are planning a catered dinner party at your residence or a gala at an outlying venue, our highly talented and experienced professionals will assist you in arranging a fabulous and most memorable event of your life. From scrummy starters to amazing dessert action stations and festive signature cocktails, AJMB plans to bring seasonality, innovation, and contemplation to the table.



With amazing seasonal menus and warm, judicious hospitality, you can rely on our experienced chefs to create delicious memories. Stress-free personalized home entertaining!


AJMB Private Chef is our number one solution to your home entertainment needs, no matter if it is an anniversary, birthday, or simply a Saturday night dinner with family and friends. We will personalize your experience with your comfort and safety as our topmost priority. With a very limited and restricted presence in your location, our professional and experienced chefs will make sure you relish our legendary innovative dishes and warm hospitality.



Surprise and astound your event guests with creative and amazing entertainment.  Experienced and highly talented entertainers for nightlife parties, birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, and any other kind of remarkable occasion.


We will make sure that your guests have a wonderful experience from the moment they arrive until they leave. They will be welcomed in the best manner possible by our greeters, a special act will pique their interest during cocktail hour, and our talented dance party motivators will get everyone up and dancing.





A completely managed and organized solution to make office buffet catering easier. Businesses of all budgets and sizes can provide a personalized and consistent meal experience to their employees.


We also provide adaptable onsite equipment and staffing solutions for office buildings and apartments of all sizes. Adaptable enough to meet the requirements of any kind of event, no matter what the budget, size, or onsite complexity of that particular company is.


Our professional onsite catering operations team is in charge of every aspect of event meal service on the day of the event. We will create a memorable meal experience for every individual who attends, from setting up and organizing equipment and decor to serving and bewitching guests.



The restaurant concept development services of AJMB Hospitality include niche definition, target audience formulation, and market research which are frequently inspired by the local community and guest feedback. At various service levels, we will coordinate interior design along with beverage list development, menu, and cuisine.

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Adina Brunetti is a nationally recognised entrepreneur and innovator in the field of hospitality. She is known for creating immersive experiential venues with unique atmospheres, infusing transportive luxury and high energy throughout an exclusive portfolio of nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels.

In 2022, Adina established AJMB Hospitality in Miami.


It was launched in collaboration with one of the most successful marketing and restaurant experts, with the goal of transforming hospitality services in South Florida and throughout the United States. Adina, known for her books and marketing prowess, will collaborate with AB 27 Group, Adina Creative Food, along with media and development firms, to provide an unforgettable experience for all stakeholders in the catering and restaurant industry.



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